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Feb 13, 2007 --> Crazy Traffic

Well folks, this site has experienced some crazy traffic today. A great deal of emails have come through as well. I want to mention a few things while I am taking a few minutes break from work. Many people are wondering about junk faxes. Yes, there are provisions for such. I shall be adding information on such in the next several days. Another IMPORTANT thing to note: As I mention elsewhere on this site, there are many jurisdictions and each will have its own rules. I have been quite properly corrected that some small claims courts explicitly allow attorneys to repesent the telemarketers who will be the future defendants in your case(s). As mentioned elsewhere, check your local court rules. If you are unsure of the specifics, you can usually get some guidance from the clerks (procedural guidance only) as well as referrals to local small claims advisory entities where such exist. I am not an attorney, so follow the adage of "trust, but verify". Subtleties in local court rules can trip you up.

I have received complaints about the google ads to your right. I *know* that some of them benefit the telemarketing industry. I am examining different means to attempt to filter such out, but as the content on this site is all about telemarketers, Google's logic believes that a significant portion of the visitors may be looking for telemarketing services. For those who say I should have no ads at all and just provide the information in an ad-free environment, let me be clear: the traffic on this site has now gone into the multi-gigabyte range. This costs me money. If somebody comes here looking for information and finds a relevant advertisement, great! Win-win scenario. As grandpa Chet used to say: TANSTAAFL.

One of the big complaints I have heard about today are the political calls which come with greatly increasing frequency as Election Day nears. Currently said calls are allowed under the TCPA and the Do Not Call Registry. Congressman John Doolittle is sponsoring a bill in the new 110th Congress (H.R. 479) which would curtail this obnoxious behavior. I spoke with one his folks in the D.C. office about this today and he is sending me some information in the next few days which I shall post to the site when it comes in.

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