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Jack Suttie posted on 2018-03-03 10:22:48

Complaint: If you have Cox Cable digital phone you can ONLY block a small quantity of phone numbers, not good and they don't seem to care about increasing their capability or fixing it for us robo-call victims. I found TWO other Cox remedies on my own although. One is to PICK an inactive phone number (one used specifically for this, dead number search, etc.) and when you get a bad or robo-call, use your forward "these calls" folder to THAT DEAD NUMBER. It really helped me out since they only allow Cox Users to block about 20 numbers The other way is to use my cell phone number and forward ALL CALLS to my cell phone and that way I can use one of the VAST SERVICES type of APPS such as HiYa, etc. The forwarding process for Cox makes the robo-callers do a circle-back recall and MESSES with their computers and you're original phone number (they first called) keeps ringing one quick ring at a time, really interesting as then you know it's a BAD CALL too, but for some odd reason they don't seem to call back much after that, meaning THIS WORKS. I have more -

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