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Recent Telemarketing Complaints:

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This Telemarketing Call Sheet has a synopsis of what you should do when you receive a call as well as fields in which to hand-write the specifics about a telemarketing call when it comes in. Print a few of these out and place them by the telephone. These are perfect for evidence when you take the telemarketing company to court!

See additional telemarketing tools and resources.

Complaints found in the 661 area code covering 40 cities (ie SANTA CLARITA, CA).

Numbers often complained on:

(661) 221-5028 (16 Complaints)

Kevin Recently Wrote: I been corresponding with this guy for two days. Since day one something just didn't seem right and then this morning he gave me the same song and dance as the other posts. My assistant wrote the check for more...I trust you will send me the remainder back. Then it click...something's not right here and that's when I started checking online and got to this web site. Remember..If something don't seem right...then it's probably not. Check into to it.

(661) 724-6412 (3 Complaints)

Ashley Recently Wrote: After receiving more than 30 calls, I finally decided to take matters into my own hands and call them back. I called over and over just to tie up their phone line. I would ask what their favorite movie was, if they liked coffee, what their favorite color was, ect. I figured as long as one of them was wasting their time on the phone with me, that was one less person they could call and scam. I kept getting passed up the chain of comman until I finally spoke to the supervisor who said my name would be removed and they would not call me again. It has been almost 5 days and I have not received a call. The BBB and FTC aren't doing anything to help us consumers so this seemed to be an effective way to annoy them. I could tell they were getting upset, but they have to answer the phone each time it rings just in case it might be someone they could get money from. Try it for yourself! I posted a video on YouTube as well.

(661) 213-9218 (2 Complaints)

Mark Marlow Recently Wrote: got a call from some one with a thick east indian accent claiming to be named brandon (lol, since when do indian parents name their kids brandon?) saying that i had taken out a payday loan and didn't pay them back. then claimed i used a nonnegotiable check to pay them and that they considered that to be fraud and were about to send the police out to have me arrested. i called my local police dept. and they informed me that this is a scam. they have attempted to victimize others in my area. i also called the sheriff's office in the 661 area code and they informed me that usually these kinds of scams come from other countries and somehow use and american area code in their attempts to scare victims into paying them something. do not fall for it. do not give these people any information.

(661) 240-9230 (2 Complaints)

Nebraska Jenn Recently Wrote: "Jack Trinh", Asian accent, from the "Department of Crime Prevention in California". Caller ID registered number as OOOO. Left voicemail stating a legal case had been filed against me and either my attorney or I needed to call him at (661) 240-9230 as soon as possible. He went on to tell me that if my attorney or I did not return his call, he can only wish me luck and pray for me to deal with what is coming to me. Message was almost identical to ones I received exactly 6 months ago from "Chris Palmer", heavy Middle Eastern accent, at "United States Legal". This is not legit. Your information has likely been culled from a purchased mailing/call list or hacked from websites you entered your information into. File a report with your local police department, state attorney general, Better Business Bureau, the FBI, and any other agencies recommended by the agencies you filed with. Inform the caller that you have filed said complaints, and tell them specifically to stop calling your family, friends, & you at any numbers they have-work, home, etc. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, SEND THEM A PENNY!!! If you have had a legitimate legal complaint filed against you, you would be served proper legal paperwork via mail or, more likely, a law enforcement officer. Do not let these scam artists scare you!!!

37 other phone numbers in 661 which we've received a complaint on:

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