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Herman Munster posted on 2012-03-27 21:06:52

Complaint: After several years of this nonsense, I've realized that I've got it all wrong. From now on: I'm takin the call. They'll be informed that whatever it is they're selling, I'm just the guy who wants to know more about it. Unfortunately it will be dinner time/whatever when they've called so maybe, if they're cool, they could send me some info and follow up later. When they confirm my contact info, I'll tell 'em they got it all backwards. Then I'll offer up the contact info of my mayor and give them his contact info. - Maybe you [ALL] can do this too... Sure-sure, it might be a tad misleading when they're given this info but who's setting the example for providing solid work product in this business? What is the worse thing that can happen, they call me again? Pleeeeeaze... We are divided as a nation politically. The least we could do is unite over this failing business practice and curb these mutts accordingly. The sooner we are all held accountable for our actions the sooner we all get along. <at this point imagine a telemarketer, in a boiler room, getting his/her ear severally pinched thru the phone>


Rick posted on 2012-02-01 17:27:18

Complaint: Didn't answer as I don't do business in Nevada. Thanks to the previous post I see thee are marketing calls. I am on a no call list...why are these calls still coming in?


MGS of AZ posted on 2011-12-09 17:12:47

Complaint: This # is the most recent, they change or do not show on my caller ID at all. This company calls my main number at work and wants to talk to the person with the timeshare. I believe the person they're looking for left the company almost TWO YEARS AGO. I've said this repeatedly and they just keep calling. Gaah! So annoying. Once, I saw the number and knowing it was this group, I cut the caller off and said you're calling for someone who doesn't work here, take us off your list. Caller responded by angrily asking me - how do you know why I'm calling?! What am I calling about? (Timeshares, I reply) Caller shouts at me "Oh really, go to hell!" and hung up! The next time I got one of their calls, I played 'nice' and pretended to have a timeshare and yada, yada. Got a supervisor on the line and lodged my complaint. Supervisor seemed genuinely shocked and I didn't receive any calls for awhile, but now I seem to be getting automated calls. I tried to speak to someone, but the message said the wait time was 7 minutes, so I hung up. Grrr. So tired of these bozos!

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