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Visitor Complaints About 800-900-1382:

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Micheline Picard posted on 2011-12-16 14:16:59

Complaint: I have calls from that number since july 2011 2 times a week, it is a recorder that says: if you are that person click on: and i dont remember what because i dont listen anymore. the last call was on december the twelve and i am very tired to have these calls can you help me to get rid of that compagny thank you My phone number is 450-692-8849


Gwen Grabias posted on 2011-01-18 16:47:35

Complaint: I lived in this house for three years and got a new number through the cable company. The number we got must have been someone elses number because for three straight years collection represenatives keep calling asking for Bonnie. And we tell them she or he do not live here and they sar ok we will remove the number off the list but they don't,they keep calling and they hang up on us when we tell them that the person they are looking for does not live here.


Harasing Calls posted on 2011-01-04 15:36:37

Complaint: This co. or whatever they may be calls my mom shes 82 yrs old ,and they will not take her # off their caller her care taker i called them back,asking for them to remove her from their list,i 1st guy i spoke played me for some fool ,so when i asked to speak w/his manager he hung up on me,my 2end call bk to them i got a differnt person again i told them that mom is 82yrs.old & these are harassing calls and since shes disabled and might hurt herself trying to get the phone id sue them ,so the lady got loud w/me and again hung up on the conversation w/that person they were fishing for presonal information about me ,i gave them nothing ,.so well see if they ever call back ,

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