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Michele posted on 2017-01-05 11:55:37

Complaint: Yesterday (1/4/17) I received a call on both my work phone and my cell phone from 844-207-0958 from a woman name Claire stating she was trying to verify the address they had on record to deliver documents. When I called back, the woman who answered didn't know any Claire. I hung up and blocked their number on my cell. Today I received a call on my work phone from 877-213-3638 from the same person, Claire, saying they were trying to deliver a backorder and needed to verify the address on record and to call back so they could deliver these "documents" Same woman's voice, same type of call where it is a person, then automated, then a person, the automated saying press 1 to be connected. BEWARE!

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This Telemarketing Call Sheet has a synopsis of what you should do when you receive a call as well as fields in which to hand-write the specifics about a telemarketing call when it comes in. Print a few of these out and place them by the telephone. These are perfect for evidence when you take the telemarketing company to court!

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