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This Telemarketing Call Sheet has a synopsis of what you should do when you receive a call as well as fields in which to hand-write the specifics about a telemarketing call when it comes in. Print a few of these out and place them by the telephone. These are perfect for evidence when you take the telemarketing company to court!

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Complaints found in the 877 area code

Numbers often complained on:

(877) 585-5974 (33 Complaints)

Marie Recently Wrote: I don't answer and it doesn't leave a message. I don't know anyone in the 877 area code so I just used my phone to block the entire area code...which is what I do on all robo calls when I don't know anyone in that area code. If I did know someone in that area code I would block all numbers in that area code except my relative's phone numbers. Or if I feel like it I can pick up the phone and constantly repeat "REDRUM" in a threatening voice...which is murder spelled backwards and is from one of my favorite movies. Good thing to do if you are bored enough to pick up the phone. Basically though, if you pick up a phone then they know that you have a working number and will put you on a list and sell it to more robo-callers. Just block em.

(877) 874-5811 (19 Complaints)

Jerry Recently Wrote: I keep getting called by this number, asking for "Allison?" Are you frickin' kidding me? How many times would one need to say that there is no Allison at the number and to quit calling before they'd quit? Not 20 times... not 40 times. Now I just save number as NO ALLISON HERE. Ridiculous, must be a Romney supporter calling me.

79 other phone numbers in 877 which we've received a complaint on:

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