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Can VoIP Block Calls Better than Standard Telephone Service?

In the past, those with home phone service have had to rely on Caller ID to ward off calls that were from unknown or unwanted origins. The calls would still ring through during dinner times or while trying to do relax after a long day at work. Perhaps the person receiving the telemarketing calls works from home. Now these calls are not just annoying or disruptive, they are interfering with productivity and revenue earning.

VoIP came along and really change how people viewed home phone service. It let people, first off, bundle their broadband services, make call off their computers, engage in video conferencing, send SMS (text) messages, and the ability to transfer more than one call over a single broadband connection.

After all those benefits were realized, privacy came into light as well. The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service brought services that customers didn’t have before. They could effectively compile blacklists of certain numbers. They could screen their calls more effectively. And they were afforded these services at no additional cost. Whereas before, the phone company would change for every additional service they provided.  With the service Ooma, there’s even an Akismet-style option to block calls from numbers other users flag as telemarketers.

The simple answer to the posed question? Yes it can block calls more efficiently. Still, don’t forget to sign up for the DNCR.