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The Do Not Call: More Resources and Laws

Michael Finney is fueling the fire and doing his part to keep consumers safe. applauds your awareness efforts:

Are you getting sales calls at home and don’t want them. By law you can make them stop. This was in the media BIG TIME a few years back, but there hasn’t been much publicity lately. So for those who forgot or never knew here’s how to keep your phone from ringing during dinner time: The National Do Not Call Registry.


This may not solve all of your woes with dinnertime interruptions or annoying calls to your business. There are exceptions to the NDNCR. Some states also have their own Do Not Call lists as do most companies. Visit the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse site to find out where your number fits in.

As for pursuing litigation, there are Federal, state, and even state specific rules and regulations. On a Federal level the laws are bundled into two laws. The first is the Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud Abuse Prevention Act. It is watched over by the FTC. You can see the act itself here:

The second laws is the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA). This law pertains to the uses of telephone lines. Regulated by the FCC,  the TCPA can be accessed here:

*Federal laws, also known as the U.S. Code, can be found online at Federal regulations, known as the Code of Federal Regulations, or CFR, are found online at

You can visit the Direct Marketing Association’s site (the authority on telemarketing activity), to find a link to you state’s Do Not Call list. Registration to a state list may not be free of charge.