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To Whom It May Concern,

I have been receiving at least 4-5 calls a day from an entity QRI.  As soon as I hear dead air, I hang up.  The number that has been bothering me is:

(727) 712-0152.  You can add that number to the list from area code 727.  Evidently, they have checked the list of telemarketers from area code 727 and have added a number not on your list.  I detest telemarketers of any kind and refuse to speak to them.

I appreciate everything you are doing to stop these people and would happily patronize any of your sponsors to help your cause, if you would provide a list of who they are.  If you email me with a list of your sponsors, please do not share my email address with any of them since I delete any address I don’t recognize.



Hi Bernie,

I would advise you to register your number with the FTC’s National Do Not Call Registry if you have not already. This is the first preventative step. Given your conviction to the cause, I would say you may want to register your cell as well.

Now, per your inquiry: That number, as you may already know originates in the St. Pete/Clearwater, FL area. The dead air comes from a relay delay to a representative or prerecording. My next question is very important. Did you or someone else in your household purchase a Waterjet, Cami Secret, or some other AS SEEN ON TV product? This could have been done online as well. This purchase could mean that you have already “done business with that company”. They are making those calls to try to sell you another product. If you have already bought from them, they can call you and not be fined. They do indeed have a “do not call” list and will apologize profusely for all of the calls you’ve been getting from 727-712-0152. I believe they are an order confirmation company.

I would advise calling a FTC representative (maybe at the identity theft department) and lodging a formal complaint.

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