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Behind The Scenes Of The Telemarketing Machine

Ever wonder where those calls from telemarketing companies come from? Like where do these people get their leads and why are you one of them?

Well, there are actually companies that are in business just to collect lead packages and sell them to these third party telemarketing companies for contracts they have taken on. It is cheaper to outsource the gathering of these leads, as it was cheaper for whatever company to outsource the telephone campaign to the telecom company. What you get on your end is the bastard child on outsourced leads and marketing delivered by a drone of a person getting paid by how many of these things they get you to say yes to.

In the animal kingdom it would sound like this:

A large flock of buzzards contract a viper out to kill X amount of rabbits. The viper then turns around and pays a fox to find all the rabbit holes in the area. It then goes and checks the holes itself. Kills the bunnies and gives them to the buzzards, keeping a commission of course. All the while you got rabbits all over the place just trying to live up to Watership Down completely oblivious to the pending scene. The worst part being the viper keeps revisiting the holes for the buzzards every week in hopes of finding rabbits that weren’t home before.

Telemarketing in the animal kingdom.

How do you get called? These telemarketing companies buy their call lists from other sources. The fox, or the data compiler, is a company that assembles personally identifiable information about consumers (with whom the compiler has no direct relationship) for the purpose of facilitating renting, selling, or exchanging the information to non-affiliated third party organizations for marketing purposes. Your number is part of the desired target audience data set.

And that is the in depth process of how you get called during dinner.