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Find Out the Name of The Company Calling

Chances are the company you would really like to go after has outsourced its dirty work to a call center somewhere. Regardless, someone needs to take responsibility for ripping off people’s grandmothers and annoying the crap out of America. I know I am not alone in this. A reverse phone lookup will do the trick. Seriously though, no one would say in a survey:

“Yes, I just love being cornered at dinner time, the only quality time I get to spend with my family all day, and spend it telling a telemarketer to take me off their calling list. I love doing all that, just knowing someone else from that same company will ring the house in a few days!”

You may not be able to take the fight to the big fish, but once you grab the phone number (you don’t even have to answer) you can find out who is calling. You may have reasons for doing this, but others out there in cyber space may be curious as to why the heck it would matter if you knew who was calling. To them I say this, it helps in furthering our sites goal: stop these telemarking calls once and for all. If you can’t get behind that, then how bout you can earn money from them.

A lot of the times the number that called is not something that can just be Googled.

So, How To Find Out The Name of The Company Calling:

  1. Visit a reverse phone number resource and/or avoid outdated information like this article describes.
  2. That is it. One of those site will ask you to enter the number. Once you do it will bring back some limited info. For a small fee they will deluge everything you could possibly need to know
  3. If you are sure the company is breaking the law and litigation is worth it, collect the $500 and take the fee out of that. (The reason there is a fee is due to the nature of the search. No single line to track, reversed back from the number. It is discussed in length here.)