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Google Voice Could Help Weed Out Telemarketer Calls

Google Voice has finally been opened up to everyone in the US and Canada. This program is useful for a number of different reasons, but for the sake of relevance to the site and brevity I will cover only a few. Google Voice allows users to select a new telephone number and begin using the service for free. It is not unlike Skype, but the differences between the two are abounding. You can also block known numbers (handy for getting rid of telemarketers), switch lines mid-call, separate your voice mail according to caller, forward SMSes, dial numbers internationally or even record calls.

It should be mentioned that many households did away with landlines dude to price, scarcity of usage, or annoyance of solicitors. Google Voice can be a bridge between all numbers. You can schedule no calls from certain people or the time of day. If you have an unwanted caller it is easy to block them. No need to wait for the forth and fifth time for your request to be removed from the calling list. For the purposes of blocking telemarketers. This feature is a golden egg. You can even ListenInTM listen in to the voice message being left before it is done being recorded. And no download and no tethered locations.  Couple this with the National Do Not Call Registry and your phones just became your phones again.