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Immigration Telemarketing Scam

A request by the Federal Trade Commission to a Nevada federal judge asked for the shutting down of an immigration scam. The FTC announced that the organizations Immigration Center and Immigration Forms and Publications Inc. both mimicked official government agencies and duped consumers into paying fees for the processing of paperwork. Allegedly, the two even set up websites to defraud consumers by deceiving them into believing the sites were of government authority.

The telemarketers in this case would answer the phone “U.S. Immigration Center” or USCIS. The would call themselves caseworkers or agents and proceed to con the consumer out of sums ranging from $200 to $2500. They would claim the amounts were processing fees for United States Citizenship or for immigration purposes.

All of the assets of these companies have since been frozen by Judge Edward Reed since January 26. The FTC has furthered action by requesting the court stop all business indefinitely and that the fraudsters repay the victims of their actions.