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No More Telemarketing Calls For India

Telemarketer in India may end up with a much more difficult job. Apparently, someone at the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) got one too many phone calls from solicitors. The TRAI published a number of new guidelines that crack down on calls being made to people not wished to receive them. Millions of subscribers will be safe behind the penalties that are ready to be dished out to telemarketing firms that do not abide.

The government had earlier formed a “National Do Not Call” (NDNC) similar to the one we have here in the US. However, consumers continued to complain about the unsolicited commercial communications by way of calls, as well as SMSes. Thus, the new regulations were proposed.

The telemarketing companies may actually have to give the service providers a payment upfront, which would be non-refundable if the company did not adhere to the new practices.

Hopefully the forces that be here in the US will take a note and changes for our own telephony will change in the future.