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No Telemarketing License, No Business

In the past I have told our readers to look into the licensing of a telemarketing business when looking for way to stomp out the constant reoccurring calls. True, it may take a little effort to look into. However, finding that a telemarketing company is operating illegally can have huge implications in a civil suit. In this particular instance, two men operating a unlicensed company employed workers to make outbound calls. A compliance inspection conducted by the Consumer Services Division of the Agricultural Law Enforcement in the Florida capital. The obvious violation was found and the men’s business was fined.  The check bounced. Upon follow-up contact with the ‘business’, there was a refusal to pay for the injunction. Arrests followed.

Nicholas Anthony Salerno, 40, of Bradenton, and Ricky Permanand, 43, of Sarasota are now in jail for unlicensed commercial telephone sales, which is a third degree felony.

So if a company like their’s, a shady debt relief company, is calling you- look into whether they are licensed or not. You would be bettering the community and could peruse legal action over the fact.