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The Introduction of Telemarketing Companies To The Law

First of all if you do not wish to be bothered by sales calls or any other type of telemarketing call, sign up with the national do not call list. The registry can be found at This will not only decrease calls received, but it builds to the foundation for which a suit can be made. Begin a part of the list means that after 31 days, if you are still receiving unwarranted calls, action can be taken. However it is possible that charities, political organizations, and telephone surveyors can continue to call. Companies with which you do business may also continue to call, unless you have asked them to stop calling you. So what happens when a telemarketer does not respect the “Do Not Call Registry”? According to the 47th Code of Federal Regulations Sec. 64. 1200 (e)(2)(i), the first violation almost always $500 and the second offenses can be up to $1500. The company is also not allowed to call before 8 in the morning or after 9 at night. They must also send you a copy of their do not call policy upon request. They are also not allowed to call you back for 12 months after a request to be added to their do not call list.

Setup Your Case With Some Questions

-What’s your name? (Refusal to answer is a $500 fine)

-Whom do you represent and what is their address? (Refusal to answer is a$500 fine)

-What’s the company’s phone number?(Refusal to answer is a $500 fine)

-And you’re an employee of this company, or are you working for a call center or telemarketing service?(If they work for a service, get the name, address, and phone number.)

-Does the company have a pre-existing business relationship with me? (If “yes” skip the next question)

-Do you conduct business or have other customers in my city? (your case is stronger if answer is “yes”)

-Does your company have a written call policy? ($500 fine if they say “No”)

-Will you send me a copy of your “Do Not Call” policy? ($500 fine if they say “No”)

-Does your company maintain a “Do Not Call” list? ($500 fine if they say “No”)

-Will you put my name on your “Do Not Call” list? ($500 fine if they refuse)

-May I have your supervisor’s name? (Show you’re serious)

-Is this being recorded? (Evidence)

You’ve got your incriminating information now. What do you do with it? You write a letter.

Make sure you get the address and phone number. If they have called before 8:00 AM, or after 9:00 PM indicate time and date of the call the letter. If you were called again after indicating you wished to be placed on the do not call list, indicate the date and time. Indicate the date you requested their do not call policy or yours. Let the company know you have not received it and then give a reasonable date they have to get it to you.Lastly, let the company know They are “hereby notified that you are in “knowing violation” of Federal law CFR 64.1200(e)(2)(i), the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Under the provisions of this law you are required to maintain a “Do Not Call List” and provide a written copy of your “Do Not Call Policy” on demand.” After this, the case has grounds for small claims court. It most cases it can be settled out of court.