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The Nature of the Beast

If you are already on this site, you have undoubtedly been hassled by telemarketers in the past and are looking for solutions, if not resolve. And since I am the one writing this article, we can pretty much assume I share the same experiences.

The industry of telemarketing came out of the bowels of big business. It was necessity that really gave birth to it. It was a CFO’s dream come true. The marketing budget could be slashed in half, all while increasing reach. Conversions could be traced. It became a numbers game with profit margins of the only concern. Workers were paid low wages after a while and then bulk incentives were dangled to make the group as a whole work harder and post better numbers.

Telemarketing companies sprung up everywhere. They became third party contractors. The call centers would have a portfolio of clients. They supplied the mindless labor at a fraction of the cost it would take for the corporation to perform the same tasks in-house.

Eventually, the corporations would realize that they could get laborers overseas (India mostly) to do the same thing for even cheaper. Outsourced call centers were born. Quality was of little concern. It was all about the sale, the numbers, and the bottom line.

And so, the American consumer foots the bill yet again to drive commerce yet again.

The telemarketing business has been adopted by almost every other industry. Either in-house, outsourced, or contracted, the use of this industry has infiltrated every type of business model. Even non-profits and political campaigns have been using it for a number of years.

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