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Telemarketing Horror Stories
This site was started as a direct result of postings made on There are several stories in the Telemarketing Category at said website, but as the theme of this site is to get back at telemarketers, we have decided to provide a similar facility for people to add their own stories of dealing with those who are among the lowest of the low - the bloody telemarketers.

What follows is a listing of phone numbers submitted by visitors. Feel free to add your own stories as you wish. Please note: Any posting which I deem to be inappropriate (e.g. utilization of "inappropriate words", etc.) shall be removed.

Add a Telemarketing Horror Story

The following are the 50 most recent telemarketing stories we have received, do to over welling response we have had to add a section to this site to host nothing but telemarketing complaints. It is a bit unorganized right now, but you can find that directory of telemarketing complaints here.