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National Do Not Call Registry & The Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Many people believe that by placing their telephone number(s) on the National Do Not Call Registry they shall be insulated from the intrusive telemarketing calls that have plagued us the past few decades. Although the Do Not Call Registry has had some beneficial impact, it is not by any means the panacea that some may have envisioned. In fact in many cases, I would see the practical results of the Do Not Call Registry to be a total joke. Unless the company making the telephone calls is making enough calls to numbers listed on the Do Not Call Registry to warrant a multitude of complaints to the appropriate authorities, nobody is going to do a bloody thing about going after these firms (trust me...been down that road...gave it up as a lost cause).

Luckily for those of us who are besieged by the bloody mortgage firms wanting us to "refinance before the interest rates go through the roof!", the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 gives us the right of private action. This means that we can sue the crap out of those telemarketers who just do not understand the meaning of No!

As I have told friends, associates and Bob Sullivan of MSNBC, despite first thoughts, it is not at all difficult to pursue legal action against those telemarketers who refuse to acknowledge your (just) demands to be left alone. In fact it is actually pretty bloody easy! As long as you know the law (which is - surprisingly - clear and brief) and follow some pretty basic steps, you stand an excellent chance at lining your pocket with potentially a few thousand dollars with maybe an hour of total time invested and about $50 in court fees.

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