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Welcome to This site was launched in 2007 as a resource for consumers who were fed up with the aggravating calls they received from telemarketers, debt collectors and political recordings. Our intent is to help you with the the information you need to try and stop these calls once and for all.

We have recently launched a place for consumers to post their own telemarketing horror stories, complaints and other pertinent information about these callers. Since doing so, we have been overwelmed by how many responses we have recieved. It seams no matter what we try, unwanted callers are still reaching everyone, almost everyday. Below you can see the latest phone numbers to be commented on.

Latest Telemarketing Complaints:

!Tina posted about 202-335-4602
insurance robo call

!Tina posted about 978-368-1106
insurance robo call

!Tina posted about 727-205-332
Insurance robo call uses different phone numbers daily

!E Farthing posted about 800-733-2767
Shows up on my caller ID as "Disaster Information" and have called several times. I have never answered, and no message has been left. Today, however, I decided to call back, and the recorded greeting/menu says it is the American Red Cross! This practice of not giving the actual name of the company calling is deceptive and unethical. I give platelets at the closest Red Cross pheresis center (about 90 miles away) when I can, but I am constantly getting calls despite repeatedly telling them that I cannot just drive over on a whim, given the distance and time involved, but they never seem to get the message.

!tk posted about 765-442-1208
They are calling wanting money, they claim to be the state police dept.

!Jack Suttie posted about 203-433-3270
If you have Cox Cable digital phone you can ONLY block a small quantity of phone numbers, not good and they don't seem to care about increasing their capability or fixing it for us robo-call victims. I found TWO other Cox remedies on my own although. One is to PICK an inactive phone number (one used specifically for this, dead number search, etc.) and when you get a bad or robo-call, use your forward "these calls" folder to THAT DEAD NUMBER. It really helped me out since they only allow Cox Users to block about 20 numbers The other way is to use my cell phone number and forward ALL CALLS to my cell phone and that way I can use one of the VAST SERVICES type of APPS such as HiYa, etc. The forwarding process for Cox makes the robo-callers do a circle-back recall and MESSES with their computers and you're original phone number (they first called) keeps ringing one quick ring at a time, really interesting as then you know it's a BAD CALL too, but for some odd reason they don't seem to call back much after that, meaning THIS WORKS. I have more -

!Marie posted about 877-585-5974
I don't answer and it doesn't leave a message. I don't know anyone in the 877 area code so I just used my phone to block the entire area code...which is what I do on all robo calls when I don't know anyone in that area code. If I did know someone in that area code I would block all numbers in that area code except my relative's phone numbers. Or if I feel like it I can pick up the phone and constantly repeat "REDRUM" in a threatening voice...which is murder spelled backwards and is from one of my favorite movies. Good thing to do if you are bored enough to pick up the phone. Basically though, if you pick up a phone then they know that you have a working number and will put you on a list and sell it to more robo-callers. Just block em.

!Quick Brown Fox posted about 805-351-3556
An unwanted call from this Newbury Park VOIP number arrived today. When the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence. This is the calling card of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who shamelessly prey on the public. The website describes this number as "scam or fraud." Case closed!

!Travis posted about 546-327-6459
Automated voice telling me i could lower my interest rate. Spoke with rude person who said they would not take me off their call list.

!JohnL posted about 646-813-2997
Julie from Reward Redemption says that I've won a $100 gift card. The caller then said there was a handling charge of $6.22. I asked to be put on their Do-Not-Call list and hung up.

!Hal Lehrer posted about 702-687-3399
I have been called 5 times from 10:59 PM until 11:58 PM from various numbers with a 702 area code. I finally took the phone off the receiver. I have filed complaints about this called who calls very late at night to no avail. Would love to sue them.

!Cable Kutter posted about 617-391-7343
Just got a call (I didn't pick up they left a message) stating that I'm have serious allegations against me and I will be picked up by the cops and I must call them back this wasn't a real person that left that message it was a computerized voice....ARE THEY SERIOUS THAT I'M GOING TO TAKE THAT BITE!!!! Be Cautious out there people.

To post a story story or information of your own. Simply click the link below and enter your name (or mark anonymous) enter the telemarketers phone number, their company name (if you know it) and a description of the call along with your complaint.

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Want to know what area code codes to be be mindful of the next time an unknown number rings your phone? The following locations are a hot bed for call complaints.

Las Vegas, Nevada - Area Code 702
Miami, Florida - Area Code 305
Phoenix, Arizona - Area Code 602
Seattle, Washington - Area Code 206
Jersey City, New Jersey - Area Code 201
Forsyth, Montana - Area Code 406
Seagoville, Texas - Area Code 972

The History on Kill The Calls

As of January 2010 the website is under new ownership. The new owners remain committed to helping consumers stop telemarketers just as the previous ownership did.Here is some information provided by the previous ownership and some of the history behind

When was first built it was done so as a direct result to a post made on our other website ( Within the post labeled "Revenge of the Telemarketers" we described an incident wherein we had gotten so tired of one of the egregious telemarketers who would not leave me alone that we sued them and received a court judgment against that firm.

Subsequently, somebody at said firm decided to sign us up for tons of spam (including some rather unpleasant porn) and referred me to all sorts of mortgage lead generating websites so we were inundated with even MORE telemarketing phone calls.

Why We Started Suing Telemarketers

A few years ago, we became supremely sick of the massive number of telephone calls we would receive from telemarketers. Our standard response was to curse them and hang up on them. As we all know, such tactics do not work. Those companies that are attempting to sell you a new garage door, a mortgage refinance, a new furnace or who knows what else are persistent. They will keep calling until they make a sale. As we all do, in frustration we looked on the internet for information. we learned that one can actually sue telemarketers. Unfortunately, many of the websites we found will only give a little bit of information and then ask you to buy some sort of e-book or purchase a subscription to their website. That being the case, we delved into the law and figured it out ourselves.

This website was created to provide said information and to do such without charging users as do many of the sites out there that discuss the particulars of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

We have adding some basic tools to the site, such as spreadsheets for logging telemarketing calls, sample scripts to go through when receiving telemarketing calls, a state by state (and in some cases, county level data) listing of applicable laws and small claims court information, etc.

We deeply appreciate everything the previous ownership has done for this site and remain committed to helping consumers with the fight to stop the telemarketing calls.

Telemarketers Piss Me Off!Information About This Site

The information provided on is intended for informational purposes only, please read our legal notice here.

The website is now under new ownership. The new owners remain dedicated to stopping telemarketers and all their dirty tricks. In the coming months you will likely see a number of changes come to this site we thank you for your patience and understanding as we release these changes.

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This Telemarketing Call Sheet has a synopsis of what you should do when you receive a call as well as fields in which to hand-write the specifics about a telemarketing call when it comes in. Print a few of these out and place them by the telephone. These are perfect for evidence when you take the telemarketing company to court!

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