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Welcome to This site was launched in 2007 as a resource for consumers who were fed up with the aggravating calls they received from telemarketers, debt collectors and political recordings. Our intent is to help you with the the information you need to try and stop these calls once and for all.

We have recently launched a place for consumers to post their own telemarketing horror stories, complaints and other pertinent information about these callers. Since doing so, we have been overwelmed by how many responses we have recieved. It seams no matter what we try, unwanted callers are still reaching everyone, almost everyday. Below you can see the latest phone numbers to be commented on.

Latest Telemarketing Complaints:

!John Johnson posted about 678-999-6458
These people are scam artists that try to intimidate and threaten for money to supposedly settle an old unpaid debt. My state attorney general's office advised me that these people are violating federal laws and they buy old unpaid payday loans that the original lending company realized they could not collect due to state laws prohibiting pay day loans. In essence, if they gave you a loan they broke the law not the consumer and they can't legally collect the money they gave. They usually get your bank account numbers and your social security number so they can really cause huge financial problems for the borrower by sending debits to your bank over and over if your account doesn't have enough money to cover their initial debits. People have had to close accounts and/or pay huge overdraft fees. If you have been victim to these predators, check the laws in your state to see if these pay day loans are legal in your state. Report them to your state attorney general's office and the Federal Consumer Finance agency and file a formal complaint!

!Ivi posted about 876-289-8068
I just received a missed call and voicemail from this number, "David" called and said he was from Publishers Clearing House "PCH" with a check for $950K from Bank of America for me and to call his "Toll Free Number" (876) 593-4162. I did not call back, obviously a scam.

!MM posted about 818-206-4554
Receiving calls every business day for a week now. Most calls went unanswered as I was driving at the time; the one time I was able to answer, I heard a click, silence, then another click. Sounds like an autodialer, and I'm on a cell phone. Looks like Harris didn't read the TCPA.

!Annie posted about 646-202-1866
SPAM they don't leave any voicemail or anything

!Pat M posted about 319-493-7775
I get at least one call a day from these folks. It's a robo-call. I press one to speak with someone and when I do, I ask them to stop calling and they immediately hang up.

!PeteM posted about 518-282-4839
Received a phone call that was a recording to call. I called and was asked to give him the number that he called me on. I said that I thought it may be a scam. He hung up. My wife received the same call and when she called, he said that the marshalls will be there to arrest her- stupid!

!Floyd posted about 484-356-9318
Westgate Resort, calling to offer travel voucher - timeshare deal.

!Me posted about 732-773-7616
Weirdo called me looking for a hooker!

!John posted about 614-212-6579
Either rude man hangs up or there is no answer when they call my cell. When I try calling the number back it says "this number is not in service". Then how is it calling me? Please can you do something about this harrassment! They call daily.

!jon doe posted about 678-647-6077
calls. rings once or twice and hangs up. (very annoying)

!MadDogD01 posted about 818-626-1783
This person called at 7:15am. Left a 3 minute voice mail with no message. You could tell some one was on the other side because of the breathing sound and just background noise from what sounds to be a home with a woman's muddled voice saying something and possibly a parrot making sounds.

!FORMER FED posted about 503-403-2691
There are two main numbers the scammers use for this spoof scam. (A spoof scam is when they spoof a phone number, trying to make it appear that the call came from a certain number when in fact it did not.) this number, 503-403-2691 is NOT Wells Fargo, and the other number that you will receive calls from if you ignore the 503 number, is 877-647-8551. First course of action is to register your phones, all of them, house and cell phones, on the FTC's Do Not Call Registry. If you feel that the calls are automated, robocalls or recordings then you can start reporting them to the FTC right after you registered. If there is a person on the other end, then you must wait 30 days to start reporting them. This is a grey area, but it's best to find a way to start reporting them right away. Then, report them to the US Atty general as well. If you wish, hire an attorney whom you know to pursue damages against the offender, and you may be able to get a portion of the money they will be sued for. If an "internet attorney" tries to tell you that they will get you $1,000 per call, be skeptical. Ask them where they get the money from. They can't answer you, and run out of answers after your first question. In fact, the phone number being reported here as well as the 877 spam number are not affiliated with Wells Fargo or any business. Yet, there is an attorney who makes claims that these numbers are Wells Fargo, and that they will get you $1,000 for each call Wells Fargo has made to you through these two numbers, or other numbers. Buyer beware. If you feel comfortable giving an attorney you don't know all of your information, and enter into an agreement with them sight unseen, then, by all means try it. You may or may not be successful. But I won't do it. Never ever give anyone who calls you your social security number. Never call a blind number (as you did) and give them any information (which you refused to give them your info... kudos to you for being wise) and suspect every call you receive on your phone as a potential scam. Look online to see if your state is a one party or two party state (referring to whether you are allowed to record phone calls without the knowledge of the other party- a one party state- or if you must inform them they are being recorded- a two party state. Then, especially if you are in a one party state (or, if you are using a cell phone based out of a one party state no matter what your physical location is), record the conversation you have with them without notifying them of the recording, and get all the ammunition you need to pursue charges on many levels. If you are calling from a two party state or from a phone based in a two party state no matter what your location, then you must notify them that they are being recorded. They will be less cooperative, and more unwilling to continue their scam if they know they know they are being recorded. Hint: It helps to have a phone that has an area code for a state that is a one party notification state. The absolute best way to record is to use a second cell phone, using the video to record it, all the while panning to the face of the phone to get video of the number you are calling, or the number of the caller who is calling you, on your video. Video is an easy format to pass to authorities, and also easy to upload to your FB or YT channel while you are seeking legal help. Video also serves many purposes, it can verify date (panning to a news channel on TV for a moment, or videotaping the front page of today's newspaper) and location (panning around to verify your location where the call is being made) and, furthermore, video double verifies the audio. If you zoom to your face, maybe just mouth only but not your entire face, to protect your privacy; panning your face verifies your end of the conversation. Spammers and scammers do not like being recorded. Just keep that little fact to yourself while you do it if you can legally do it. Calling Wells Fargo will not help much unless you speak with their technician department. Calling government agencies or making online reports is the best route. A final avenue is to record the call, wherein you tell the offender to stop calling you, to never call you again. If they call again, you have that recording to make a copy of to give your local police when you make a report to press charges. Try every other avenue first, but use this as an effective last resort.

To post a story story or information of your own. Simply click the link below and enter your name (or mark anonymous) enter the telemarketers phone number, their company name (if you know it) and a description of the call along with your complaint.

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Want to know what area code codes to be be mindful of the next time an unknown number rings your phone? The following locations are a hot bed for call complaints.

Las Vegas, Nevada - Area Code 702
Miami, Florida - Area Code 305
Phoenix, Arizona - Area Code 602
Seattle, Washington - Area Code 206
Jersey City, New Jersey - Area Code 201
Forsyth, Montana - Area Code 406
Seagoville, Texas - Area Code 972

The History on Kill The Calls

As of January 2010 the website is under new ownership. The new owners remain committed to helping consumers stop telemarketers just as the previous ownership did.Here is some information provided by the previous ownership and some of the history behind

When was first built it was done so as a direct result to a post made on our other website ( Within the post labeled "Revenge of the Telemarketers" we described an incident wherein we had gotten so tired of one of the egregious telemarketers who would not leave me alone that we sued them and received a court judgment against that firm.

Subsequently, somebody at said firm decided to sign us up for tons of spam (including some rather unpleasant porn) and referred me to all sorts of mortgage lead generating websites so we were inundated with even MORE telemarketing phone calls.

Why We Started Suing Telemarketers

A few years ago, we became supremely sick of the massive number of telephone calls we would receive from telemarketers. Our standard response was to curse them and hang up on them. As we all know, such tactics do not work. Those companies that are attempting to sell you a new garage door, a mortgage refinance, a new furnace or who knows what else are persistent. They will keep calling until they make a sale. As we all do, in frustration we looked on the internet for information. we learned that one can actually sue telemarketers. Unfortunately, many of the websites we found will only give a little bit of information and then ask you to buy some sort of e-book or purchase a subscription to their website. That being the case, we delved into the law and figured it out ourselves.

This website was created to provide said information and to do such without charging users as do many of the sites out there that discuss the particulars of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

We have adding some basic tools to the site, such as spreadsheets for logging telemarketing calls, sample scripts to go through when receiving telemarketing calls, a state by state (and in some cases, county level data) listing of applicable laws and small claims court information, etc.

We deeply appreciate everything the previous ownership has done for this site and remain committed to helping consumers with the fight to stop the telemarketing calls.

Telemarketers Piss Me Off!Information About This Site

The information provided on is intended for informational purposes only, please read our legal notice here.

The website is now under new ownership. The new owners remain dedicated to stopping telemarketers and all their dirty tricks. In the coming months you will likely see a number of changes come to this site we thank you for your patience and understanding as we release these changes.

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