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Feb 12, 2007 --> Five Days Old

Well, the site is about five days old. Not much traffic yet except for some small bleed over from one of my other sites - Tomorrow, the Bob Sullivan of MSNBC is running his regular Red Tape Chronicles, and the story is about how you can get back at the telemarketers by taking them to court. I will not have a chance to check my server logs until late morning, so I am curious to see the article and what effect it has upon my traffic. My understanding is that Bob is going to provide some reference to this humble site.

I have tried to tweak the content and some of the AdSense stuff to minimize the number of ads I am displaying that directly benefit those that invade our homes through the telephone, but thus far such as not been all that effective. I shall continue to work on this as I can. Of course, if you are looking for telemarketing services, you can click on them, but... You will also note that I removed the context ads. I had not looked at these pages for a few days and when somebody pointed out the page, I saw it looked like a bloody link farm. When I get the chance, I shall re-examine the tool. Is always a balance between the annoyance factor for the visitors and attempting to maximize revenue to help pay for hosting.

As you are browsing through this site, remember that I am not selling anything. No e-books, memberships, etc. My only purpose is to get the scumbags who refuse to respect our privacy and violate the law in doing so. I am not trying to convince you of anything except to educate yourself on your rights under the law. Please send me your feedback on how I can improve the site. If you have specific questions as to suing the bloody telemarketers, contact me via the link at the top of my page and I shall get back to you as soon as possible.

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The website is now under new ownership. The new owners remain dedicated to stopping telemarketers and all their dirty tricks. In the coming months you will likely see a number of changes come to this site we thank you for your patience and understanding as we release these changes.

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