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We have done a lot of stuff with how to prevent dangerous, harassing, or otherwise unwanted calls. Today we are going to focus on those incoming to cell phones, more specifically smartphones. The mobile app marketplace has grown considerably in the last few short years, and with good reason. There is an undeniable need and there is good money to be made.

This is a list of a number of applications which could be used to screen, block, or manage your calls.


Andriod OS

Call Control- Full featured Call Blocker and Blacklist app. Easily block anyone from calling. Block unwanted calls and text messages in a snap with Call Control.

Average rating: 4.4



Call Confirm- Raises up a confirm dialog on any calls. Number, photo and contact name on it help your decision. Does not work in conjunction with Google Voice.

Average rating:4.7



Call Filter- The free version is block call only version.

Average rating:4.3



Mr. Number- Let’s your friends know when you’re free for a call and when you’re busy, blocks calls from people you don’t want to hear from again, and find out who is calling when you don’t recognize the number.

Average rating:4.2




Call Blocker- filters calls through a user-established blacklist.

Average rating:4.2


BlackList- powerful call and SMS filters on Android phone with a created blacklist of unwanted numbers.

Average rating:4.1




Please read all user reviews prior to downloading.

TM Calls Stopper- Stop telemarketers with this app that has a comprehensive database of id numbers for telemarketing operators.

Call Block- determines which numbers are telemarketers from a database of 6,000+ telemarketing numbers.

TrapCall- Free. This app unmasks incoming calls with blocked IDs.

iBlacklist- Exactly what it sounds like. App tries to use a universal blacklist to stop unwanted calls.

Blacklist- App based on a 30,000+ Numbers, also allows for additions by the user.

JailBroken iOS

-This app costs quite a pretty penny, but its utility pays for itself. Not the same as the one offered on the Apple Store. This app has a crazy amount of functions:

  • Individual call disconnection setup for each contact
  • Call Blocking facility (Including Unknown/Restricted ID callers)
  • SMS blocking/filtering facility
  • Protects your privacy by Password
  • Multiple Active Lists
  • Unlimited number of contacts per list
  • Individual Scheduler for each list
  • Works with black and white lists concept
  • Use of statusbar icons, sound/vibration notifications fully configurable
  • Parental Control with silent record storage
  • Auto Reply SMS for CALLS feature, where the system will send your custom sms text to blocked callers
  • Popup removal from lock screen for lost events (Privacy), keeping the sound/vibration notifications
  • Four (4) typer of action for calls, wich varies from send the caller to voicemail to completely ignore
  • Auto Reply SMS for SMS feature, where the system will send your custom sms text to filtered messages
  • You can add contacts to any list from your Address Book, Recent Calls or Recent SMS history
  • Independent history, where blocked/filtered events will be stored for later visualization. Please note your setup needs to be correct in order to store records on this history
  • For Blacklists, you can individually set many options like call disconnection type, the event type you want to block/filter from that contact and if that contact is eligible to receive an auto reply sms