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Protecting Yourself With Apps

The more we use our cell phones, the more we make our selves targets. It’s a proven fact, if you happen to give your number out often, use your cell as a primary, and list your cell number on social networking sites, chances are you are going to get some calls you don’t want or recognize.

Most mobile phones have caller id capability, but many identifiers  are missing. The app PrivacyStar allows for calls to be displays a caller’s real name just like Caller ID. It will filter inbound calls based on the preferences you set. It will also help thousands of users file complaints with national Do Not Call regulatory agencies in the United States and Canada and our SmartBlock feature allows the sharing of crowd-sourced data, to easily block the highest reported abusers.

More apps exist for this reason as well. These will give mobile users peace of mind. Whether you receive calls from unknown numbers, harassing telemarketers, a crazy ex or just want to be able to quickly and easily silence the phone during certain times,  the tech which has allowed others to hassle you in the past will soon be taking a backseat to the tech which will keep you protected.

Today, it is Caller ID functions like those found on a landline,  names and numbers are associated even if they are not in your address book. In the near future, apps could be developed to do even more.