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April 16, 2007 --> Foreign Call Centers

One of the things I get contacted about a lot are the bloody foreign call centers. Generally, there are two different methods for these. The first one are folks who are selling non-domestic products and services (e.g. resorts in Mexico or pharmaceutical products shipped from India. These folks have not a care in the world as to the National Do Not Call Registry or your rights in general. They know that there is nothing that you can do. You cannot take them to court as they are not selling a domestic product or service. The best thing to do with these chuckleheads is to politely say something like "I am too poor to go on a vacation now or ever. Sorry".

The second batch are folks (generally from call centers in India) who are call to do pre-screens for a U.S. based product or service. With the current housing market, mortgage brokers are turning to these folks to make cold calls (frequently to folks registered on the Do Not Call Registry) to you, verify information and then pass you on to your local mortgage broker. My understanding is that these leads frequently cost the local mortgage brokers up to $120 each.

There is a gentleman in Arizona that I have been speaking with who has been inundated with calls from the second group. On my advice, he started giving them information so he could get at the local mortgage brokers. He was actually informed by one of these brokers that they do this to avoid the liability of making calls to folks on the Do Not Call Registry. Too bad for this chucklehead that the law states quite specifically that they (the mortgage brokers) are liable for their contractors behavior. And this guy admitted it. Now this fellow in Arizona is looking at filing four claims against firms in Arizona. I shall keep you informed.

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