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Unwanted Text Messages

We realize that the way of the future is digital messaging. Now even though telemarketers are still not allowed to contact you via your cell phone, there is still that “open business relationship” thing to deal with. So if u text for a ringtone, a promo, a horoscope, or even leave your cell number as the contact on a warranty registration, all the above could constitute some calls or unwanted text messages.

Well, a new bill proposed by Seth Grove, state Rep for Pennsylvania, could change some of that. The bill would add marketing through text messages to the type of communication which is prohibited under the Telemarketing Registration Act. Aptly dubbed the “Do Not Text Bill”, is now bound for a Pennsylvania Senate vote. It was unanimously approved in the state’s house.

The “Do Not Text Bill” would disallow telemarketers from sending text messages to consumers enrolled on the already existing Do Not Call list. If and when the bill passes, it would still not include the following:

  • Calls requested by the consumer
  • Calls made by businesses to existing customers or to consumers who have done business with the company in the past 12 months
  • Calls from tax-exempt charitable or fraternal organizations or veterans organizations
  • Calls in reference to an existing debt, contract, payment or performance
  • Calls made on behalf of political groups or candidates.


The state of Pennsylvania will be the second state in the nation to write text messages into its Do Not Call list. “For an individual who does not have an unlimited text messaging plan, he or she is picking up part of the telemarketing company’s advertising tab,” Grove said. “It is time to nip the practice of unwanted text messaging in the bud.”

State Do Not Call lists are beginning to become much more common and much stricter.