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TimeShare Telemarketing Scams Get A Scolding

Florida is home to many of the nation’s treasures. The state has beautiful beaches, famous theme parks, and boundless sunshine. For years it has been a prized place to vacation, but it is also a targeted location for retirement. This face is something that has not gone unnoticed by many companies. The retired demographic hold many profitable qualities.

The economic downturn has made movie or vacationing to Florida a non-option to many. Dreams were put to rest. Fraudsters are now seeking to play off this and exploit such people. A timeshare promises an affordable way to stay in Florida. You buy a piece of the property, a slot of time every year to visit. Well, now the Lee County Sheriff’s Office is now making people aware of scammers who are trying to target the owners of such properties.

Calls have come into the office with people complaining that people are receiving unsolicited calls from telemarketers who are claiming they have buyers lined up for their timeshare property. The scam offers owners a financial profit as well. The tele-scammer offers owners a way for owners to get out of their timeshare by paying just a few up-front fees to the tune of $200 to $8,000.

There has been an aura of skepticism and apprehension surrounding timeshares for years. This is the newest addition to the mix. Do all the research you can prior to entering into these types of commitments and don’t use money orders or cash/check. If you do own a timeshare, don’t ever pay someone to sell a property BEFORE it happens. You don’t pay a realtor to sell a home upfront.