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March 2, 2007 --> Telemarketer E-Mail

I received an email directly from somebody who works in the telemarketing industry. Read on and enjoy:

Why are you promoting such rudeness and hatred towards people who are just trying to make a decent living? I work as a teleservice specialist with a non-profit, and it sickens me when I get people on the phone who use all sorts of juvenile tricks to get me to hang up. Should I sue them, too, when they use air horns in my ears and I suffer hearing loss? Or should I just sue you?

Seriously. Does it make you feel better to torment people who are just trying to do their JOBS? If so, then I think you should stop focusing so much on making teleservice specialists hate their jobs, and more on yourself and why you're so spiteful, because frankly, I do believe that qualifies you as being a sadistic bastard.

I just pray I never get you or any of your cronies on the phone. But you probably think too highly of yourself to donate to any non-profit organization. Hopefully that's the case.

My response to her:
"Hey Kikki: If you bothered to read the website materials, I advocate going after those who egregiously violate the TCPA. I have heard the arguments regarding telemarketers just trying to make a living. Most are honest and follow the law. Others do not. If they cannot be bothered to follow the laws, than they are fair game.
As to my level of charity giving: once again, if you had bothered to read the website content, you will see that I donate the vast amount that I get from settlements [editor: and judgments]. Additionally, I contribute 15% of my income to charitable causes.
Before you open your mouth, you may wish to check your bloody premises."

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