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Grandparent Beware……Again.

The Attorney General in WV is now warning the state’s grandparents of yet another “granny scam”. In this one the “grandchild” calls asking for money via money order or wire services.

This is NOT the only state where this has been going on. In fact, the residents of Michigan, Ohio, Florida and Delaware have all reported being targeted recently. The scammer will call frantic and terrified, claiming they or someone they know has been imprisoned and needs bail, are being threatened, or do not have insurance and needs medical attention. Many families are adopting a “code word” so that the fraudulent calls can be thwarted or debunked.

Even if the event does in fact sound real, and the call is coming from a recognized number, apps can make it to where the number looks like anyone is calling these days. Do not act rashly. Hang up and call, the number back, not from the recently received list, but rather from the stored directory on the phone. This will ensure you are talking to your own grandchild.