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No Co-ops For Cold Calls

This means that a company cannot cold-call you in an attempt to sell you things when you’re part of the federal Do Not Call registry. Furthermore, they then cannot insist that the call is completely legal since they have “partnered with” another company that you do business with regularly. It is sneaky and sounds good, but the FCC will not let this fly either. Follow traditional protocol for these occurrences.

  • Ask for the representative’s name or badge number.
  • Ask the name of the company calling.
  • Ask for its physical address.
  • Ask for the company’s phone number.
  • Ask to be sent a copy of their do not call policy.

Remember, for each refusal to divulge these offenses/pieces of information, you could stand to collect $500. Filing a complaint should be your first move. After this, if litigation is your desired track, please look over the other articles and the rest of the site. Also, here is a link on how to sue telemarketers from The Consumerist.