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Find Out Who A Telemarketer Is

Taking a telemarketer to court is no single step process. You will need to send a pre-litigation demand letter; but first, you  have to figure out who and where they are. All telemarketers are technically supposed to provide identifying information about themselves during a call. Of course we all know that telemarketers don’t always obey the law when quotas and incentive are thrown in the mix.

If a telemarketer leaves a message on your answering machine, you have 2 separate ways to back them into a corner. For starters, there’s the phone number he called from, which you may be able to obtain. Get this information from your Caller ID or dial *69. Telemarketers cannot hide behind “unknown” numbers since the passing of the  FTC’s 2004 amendment to the Telemarketing Sales Rule, which require telemarketers to transmit their telephone number, and if possible, their name. Second, there will typically be a callback number that is connected to the company calling, usually this goes to either their local office or a toll-free.

After you have the number, you should try running the number through a couple of the reverse-lookup services. The run it through searches on google to see in there are any spam postings about the number. Of course, you can just simply call the number to try to find out. Just play the role of a consumer who is uninformed yet kind of interested. That technique can go a long way in this case.